By Leontine, May 28, 2019

When a person is portrayed in his/her surrounding, this surrounding starts to play a role. It will function like an extra personage that interacts with the portrayed person. Consciously or unconsciously the spectator takes in all the ingredients of the whole picture, interprets the symbolic value and invents a story.

This illustration is after a picture by Arnold Newman of Truman Capote. You can ask me to make environmental portraits on commission with the purpose to put a human face on your employers, employees, clients, a special project, your target audience… Would you like to speak about the possibilities, please call me!

Truman Capote

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By Leontine, May 7, 2019

At the Kröller-Müller Museum everyone looked so cheerful in the room of "The Paintings" (with Us in the Nature) by Gilbert & George. I loved being there with Ate, who had a happy face for the rest of the day after seeing this!

Ate in front of one of "The Paintings” (with Us in the nature), by Gilbert & George, in the Kröller-Müller Museum.

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By Leontine, April 29, 2019

De Mens Werkt | Interim Partners stimulates their experienced interim partners to do joint acquisition. In this month’s newsletter, they write about their vision and how it works. Illustrated by me!

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By Leontine, April 29, 2019

I enjoyed this older man in the red sweater enjoying himself. I saw him at the exhibition: Freedom – The Fifty Key Dutch Artworks Since 1968 in Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle. I love looking at people who enjoy themselves, who have fun or look intrigued or caught at exhibitions.

Bij blog PGOsupport: 'Vlinderen en vlooien: regionaal meer impact op kwaliteit van leven.’

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By Leontine, April 29, 2019

Lots of people are blogging lately at PGOsupport and I am so happy to be their illustrator! This one I made for Frank Verschuur who writes and speaks about changing healthcare in The Netherlands. He wants not only the doctors, but specialists in the whole 'social environment' to work much more together, with the patient. You can read his thoughts in Dutch at LinkedIn.

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By Leontine, March 5, 2019

'Just one and a half man and a horse head' is a Dutch expression for 'Hardly anyone showed up'. Jolanda van Dijk from PGOsupport wrote a blog about how to get people enthusiastic for your plan, party, idea or training. We talked about the subject, she wrote, I drew!

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By Leontine, February 25, 2019

Model-painting without a nude-model. I love the classes by Willem K. Vreeswijk!

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I am a Dutch illustrator, living and working in Utrecht.

I illustrate for companies, writers, public speakers and researchers. I love to hear their stories and help to concretize and complement these with my drawings.

I also paint what I see, what strikes me or inspires me: people, places, exhibitions…

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