By Leontine, April 28, 2020

Last week was so turbulent that I decided to make a still life of things that calmed my mind: sandwiches with peanut butter and apple, Aaf's favorite things, like her rainbow flag and my brand new book: Hockney's pictures.

Things that calmed my mind.

I wish you tangible pleasures this week in this uncertain time.
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By Leontine, March 31, 2020

Last Friday, our daughter Aaf and I entered gallerie Logman for the first time. There were three sofas opposite a wall full of artwork from 50 different artists. The question of which work of art we wanted to hang above one of the sofas led to cheerful discussions. I chose this work by Sander van Noort that I have enlarged on my painting.

In front of my favorite painting at galerie Logman in Utrecht.

I wish you surprising encounters and new discoveries this week.
Here you see the drawings of my project About last week.


By Leontine, March 2, 2020

February 10th it was my birthday. To celebrate this year, I'll be sending a newsletter every Monday until my next birthday. These letters are called 'About last week'. I’ll make a drawing inspired on one thing that touched me in the former week, with a few lines of text for some context. Last Monday I've sent my second letter. Would you like to get the coming letters in your mailbox, in English or Dutch , please subscribe!

After a photo from K. Schippers and Bernlef by Eddy Posthuma de Boer.

Here you see the drawings of my project About last week.


By Leontine, February 4, 2020

It was a real pleasure to make this illustration for the blog by Nienke Oostering from PGOsupport. It's about mothers, wise advice, the biological clock and other life-clocks, choices, friends, taking a pause and going after things that really matter. You can read it here in Dutch.

Bij blog PGOsupport: ‘Gun jezelf de tijd om stil te staan.’

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By Leontine, January 30, 2020

In the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam I enter a room and WHAM! I see this golden deer: ‘Le Cerf’ by Ossip Zadkine. Neck long, head up. Wow. Next to it, this man, reading a little information. On the wall there are some ladies watching the scene. The painting they’re on is titled: ‘Beauty Contest’. And the winner is?

Le Cerf’ by Ossip Zadkine

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By Leontine, January 6, 2020

In the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam I saw the huge wall painting by Carlos Amorales, covering all the walls of one enormous room. I was glad to see a man standing alone in the middle of it, whose expression seemed to mirror what I felt when I looked around.

Carlos Amorales

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By Leontine, December 16, 2019

So much fun to portray Roberto Coletti en his businesspartner Carlina De Lorenzo. Roberto won the award for 'best ice-maker of the world'!! They are very kind and cheerful and have their wonderful ice-cream store around the corner of our house!

Roberto and Carlina

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By Leontine, November 4, 2019

Such a joy to hand over butcher Ron his portrait! It's going to get a special place in his shop. Top day!

Butcher Ron

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By Leontine, October 31, 2019

It was such a pleasure to make this drawing to join the blog by Anne Braakman from PGOsupport. Not only because she’s fun and inspiring to work with, but after teaching the art of storytelling for over 14 years in corporate settings, it felt great to get the essence of it clear in just one image!

Bij blog PGOsupport: ’De Verteller’

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By Leontine, October 31, 2019

Kunstmuseum Den Haag offers again a festive fashion exhibition. Absolutely worth a visit! Don’t we all want these snazzy dancing-shoes?

Let's Dance!

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By Leontine, September 16, 2019

I made several new gouache-paintings this summer. Here you see Yves Saint Laurent with his dog and one of his favourite models; Carla Bruni. After a photo by Jean-Marie Périer in 1998.

Yves Saint Laurent and Carla Bruni, after a photo by Jean-Marie Périer.

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By Leontine, September 16, 2019

The summer break is over. The counsellors of PGOsupport have started blogging again. We sit together one on one at their place, we make a walk in the sun or have coffee and pie in a café. We discuss an actual problem or a burning question and while talking the blog finds its shape and so does my illustration.

This one I made last week, for the story by Joos Vaessens. "It's time the patient becomes the centre of the world, instead of the doctors, the health insurers and the scientists," he says. I love his blogs in which he always triggers fresh ways of thinking. Therefore, I was super happy to illustrate this story!

Bij blog PGOsupport: ’Zorgverlenersparticipatie’

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By Leontine, June 18, 2019

Hooray for this incredibly positive, funny, active and enchanting man! And because he’s such a great colorist, I went for great color too! Working on a series of portraits.

Illustration of David Hockney

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By Leontine, June 18, 2019

For the celebration of the 50th birthday of my friend Lisette, we went to New York! I was mostly impressed by the openness, the diversity and friendliness of the people. Next to the beauty, quality, outspokenness and grandeur of the architecture, the trees and flowers and the art. We felt so welcome! I make three museum-drawings with Lisette in it, so she can choose one of these as a memory of our festive week. This is the first one. In the Matisse-room in MOMA.

Matisse-room in MOMA

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By Leontine, May 28, 2019

When a person is portrayed in his/her surrounding, this surrounding starts to play a role. It will function like an extra personage that interacts with the portrayed person. Consciously or unconsciously the spectator takes in all the ingredients of the whole picture, interprets the symbolic value and invents a story.

This illustration is after a picture by Arnold Newman of Truman Capote. ‘Mr. Newman’s portraits were defined by his sitter’s environments, which led him to be known as the “father of the environmental portrait”. He hated that title. […] When taking portraits, he was less interested in the details of his subject’s surroundings than with the symbols he could create with them.’ Read more about this and see some of Arnold Newman’s work in this article.

I am starting a series of portraits. This is the first one!

Truman Capote

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By Leontine, May 7, 2019

At the Kröller-Müller Museum everyone looked so cheerful in the room of "The Paintings" (with Us in the Nature) by Gilbert & George. I loved being there with Ate, who had a happy face for the rest of the day after seeing this!

Ate in front of one of "The Paintings” (with Us in the nature), by Gilbert & George, in the Kröller-Müller Museum.

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By Leontine, April 29, 2019

De Mens Werkt | Interim Partners stimulates their experienced interim partners to do joint acquisition. In this month’s newsletter, they write about their vision and how it works. Illustrated by me!

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